"I screwed up so many times and had let people down, and I was contemplating on making a seriously bad decision that would affect a whole lot of people.  It would have been a selfish decision, and ultimately my final decision. I didn't feel like I mattered anymore. Afterwards I took a walk through a parking lot and saw your mural. I felt like it was a personal message to me and almost started to cry in the middle of the parking lot. It greatly lifted my heart,  and for that, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much."

-Anonymous email

"The “You Are Loved” murals that you placed throughout our shelter are an inspiration to all that have seen them.  It’s hard when you do not have a home to call your own or no family for support. These messages have made our families feel that there is a purpose in life and that they are loved and important!! Alex, please continue this wonderful and inspirational work of Love to make a difference in a world that is so full of hate, violence and destruction. We all need love and YOU ARE LOVED."

Barbara Walker, Program Director, Mary Eliza Mahoney House Shelter, Roxbury, MA

"We worked with Alex Cook on a “You Are Loved” mural in downtown Burlington, Vermont as part of a Human Trafficking awareness campaign. It has become a focal point in our community for a variety of reasons.  The victims of human trafficking who participated in painting the wall now consider it “their” wall and feel so much ownership and pride in its existence, making them feel visible and supported.  It has also become the most photographed wall in the city and serves to constantly remind us that we have both a problem and solution."

Aimee Stearns, Victim Witness Coordinator, U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Vermont

"The YOU ARE LOVED mural sends a message to students everyday as they walk into the building-- at Mumford High School "You are loved!"  The Pride of the students that worked on the mural is felt by all. The students have taken pictures of their names and shared with family and friends. This mural will be an integral part of Mumford High School for years to come and Alex Cook will forever be remembered for painting 3 simple words on the walls that make a big difference every day." 

Angela Prince, Principal, Mumford High School, Detroit, MI

"We were excited to have Alex partner with us to put a You Are Loved mural in the domestic violence shelter program. It was a fun process for our residents and the message is powerful for those who have been impacted by violence and abuse. It is a welcoming and warm reminder to all in the shelter of their significance and their own ability to create beauty and a positive message."

Susan Chorley, Director, Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministries, Roxbury, MA

“We are so honored to work with Alex Cook and participate in the YOU ARE LOVED mural project. The beautiful, positive affirmations displayed in the murals are a great benefit to students, parents and teachers who see them each day. The murals help to reinforce a positive culture within each of the schools. The best part – the students who helped create the murals feel a sense of worth, pride and accomplishment and can enjoy this daily reminder of their hard work. We truly appreciate all that Alex has done for our schools."

Pamela Good, Executive Director, Beyond Basics, Detroit, MI

"They are loved, whether it's by their family at home or the deity they worship. It's important for them to remember that because they're not told that often while they're sitting in their cells."

Captain Bill Baker, Orange County Men’s Jail

"The YOU ARE LOVED mural project at Bridgewater State Hospital allowed [inmates] to contribute to their hospital community by painting objects and statements that provoke meaningful discussion and a sense of unity.  The project allowed mentally ill individuals with some, little, or no artistic skills the opportunity to experience the joy of being part of a community focused/pro-social activity. The carefully chosen mural content helps to support their recovery efforts by creating an environment rich in color, hope, and positivity." 

James Rioux, Volunteer Coordinator, Bridgewater State Hospital, Bridgewater, MA

“The ‘You Are Loved’ mural is a beautiful addition to our Central Men’s Jail chapel. “I believe everyone- inmates, chaplains, deputies, and other OCSD employees- will take something different from the mural, which is what makes the message so important.”

Sandra Hutchens, Sheriff-Coroner, Orange County, CA

"I walk past your "You are Loved/Eres Amado" mural every time I go to the Village. It never fails to make me feel more hopeful about the world. It's rapidly becoming one of my all-time favorite pieces of art, and I've found myself choosing to walk instead of catching the bus, so that I can look at it longer."

Anne Gwin, neighborhood resident, Boston, MA