1. Find a wall in your community. This can be at a local school, supermarket, well-traveled intersection - anywhere! Talk to friends and colleagues, do some exploring. When you locate a good wall, speak with the building owner. Get them excited about the idea! The ideal wall is not too rough, appx. 8'x30', uninterrupted with doors and windows, and in a well-traveled area where lots of people can see it!

2. Make a date for an event and invite people (students, community members, church congregants, local families) to come and paint! Make it clear that this will be a fun, no pressure way to share love with the community, do something they've probably never done before, and make new friends. Anyone can participate and feel assured that it will come out well.

3. The day before the event Alex Cook will create a "coloring book" on the wall, so that when participants arrive the design is clear.

4. At the event, all colors are pre-mixed and participants are guided as to how to fill in the design.

5. After group painting is finished, Alex Cook will make final adjustments, clean up lines, etc. to ensure that this mural is beautiful and speaks powerfully to your community for many years to come!

Costs vary with size and specifics. Please contact me to learn more about fees and logistics.



Thank YOU! I received a call yesterday from the Clark High School Principal gushing about how much her school and community enjoys those murals. Students have already been saying they have a positive impact as they walk through the halls and that everyone just “gets it.” She also spoke very highly of you and how you interacted with the students.
— Amy Miller, Director of Education, World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth